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What Is Cortisol?

The Body's Primary Stress Hormone

⇨ Raises Blood Sugar

⇨ Increases Blood Pressure

⇨ Modulates Inflammation

⇨ Impacts Digestion

⇨ Manages Sleep-Wake Cycle

⇨ Responds To Stress & Danger

Let's discover what's in your stress bucket contributing to your cycle of depression, fatigue, weight gain and adrenal dysfunction.

Whether your cortisol is high or low always start with lifestyle changes that you can make to reduce stress!

#1) Optimize nutrition

#2) Daily Movement

#3) Mental Recharge

#4) Eliminate Environmental Toxins

#5) Limit Caffeine and Alcohol Intake

Most importantly, learn to say “NO” to what doesn’t serve you. Set aside time to laugh, cuddle and connect with others.

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