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Nourished By Nutrients

Homemade bone broth is beneficial for gut healing, bone health, joint health and skin health and can also help reduce cravings.

Carefully made bone broth contains ample gelatin, collagen, and important amino acids derived from the animal’s joint material. It contains minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium in exactly the same ratios as found in human bones.

Selecting Bones

Look for high quality bones from grass fed cattle or bison, pastured poultry, or wild caught fish. Since you’ll be extracting the minerals and drinking them in concentrated form, you want to make sure that the animal was as healthy as possible.

There are several places to find good bones for stock:

  • Save leftovers from when you roast a chicken, duck, turkey, or goose (pastured)
  • From a local butcher, especially one who butchers the whole animal
  • From local farmers who raise grass fed animals (ask around at your local farmers market)


✘ 1-2 lbs of bones (back/necks)

✘ 3 stalks celery

✘ 1 cup shredded carrots

✘ 3 fresh rosemary sprigs

✘ 2-3 tsp iodized salt 

✘ 1 tsp turmeric

✘ 1 tsp black peppercorn

✘ 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

✘ 1/2 onion + 2-3 garlic cloves (IF YOU DON'T HAVE SIBO)


🌟 Fill a large stock pot or instant pot with water (make sure the bones are fully covered)

🌟 Bring the broth to a boil. Once it has reached a vigorous boil, reduce to a simmer and simmer until done.

🌟 During the first few hours of simmering, you'll need to remove the impurities that float to the surface. A frothy/foamy layer will form and it can be easily scooped off with a big spoon. Throw this part away.

🌟 Simmer for 8-24 hours (24 has brought the most flavor to my broths)

🌟 During the last 30 minutes, add the garlic if you are using it

🌟 Remove from heat and let cool. Strain using a fine metal strainer to remove all the bits of bone and vegetable

🌟 When cool enough, store in a gallon size glass jar in the fridge for up to 5 days, or freeze for later use

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