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by Shauna Dittl July 07, 2022 1 min read

Nourished By Nutrients

Organic Milk: Omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants 

High in protein, calcium, vitamins and probiotics to enhance the gut microbiome


✘ 4 cups of organic milk  

✘ Add to pot and remove once it appears to start boiling or reaches a temperature of 180 degrees F

✘ Remove from heat and let cool down to 120 degrees F

✘ Dissolve one packet of Yogurt starter (link below) into a cooled cup of the boiled milk

✘ Pour cup back into the pot and mix well

✘ Add desired amount to each cup

✘ Incubate in the Euro cuisine yogurt maker (link below) for 12-24 hours

✘ Option to add fresh berries to the cup at incubation time or after

Serving Size: 5-7 cups depending on how full you make them


Yogurt Starter Packs:

Yogurt Maker:

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